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It begins

14 Sep

Ending my day today in NW PA after starting in SW Indiana.  Woke up this morning to 20 degree temps, not wanting to roll out of my comfy warm bunk. Some days it’s harder than others. Like me, most people sometimes wake up and just don’t feel like doing ANYTHING.. It’s unfortunate in this industry when you wake up feeling that way and have to drive 10 hours in snow, and on icy roads for 30 more days in a row before you get a day off.  You look into the faces of your peers when you stop to fuel and see the same thing.. The miles are longer. The breaks feel like wasted time. Your attention is easily distracted. A dangerous job becomes all the more dangerous when you aren’t mentally available. So you have to reach down and grab hold, turn the radio up, sing along and avoid the urge to steer into oncoming traffic for a wake-up.